Our Mission

GA Solar helps benefit Georgia's energy consumers by advocating for solar power in Georgia. Our organization does this by helping to inform local and state leaders about the kinds of policies that make the benefits of solar accessible to all. This advocacy supports investment and local economic growth that keeps Georgia’s economy strong.

GA Solar also helps solar professionals stay abreast of the latest news, trends, and standards, as well as providing them with networking and business outreach opportunities. By connecting home and business owners, we help Georgians find skilled solar professionals they can trust and provide guides to help consumers evaluate solar options. In addition, GA Solar helps consumers decide how to access solar energy in a way that saves them money on their power bills and reduces their environmental footprint. We help them find skilled solar professionals they can trust and provide guides to evaluate solar options.

Click on our drop-down menus above to find the resources that best fit your needs. Also, please consider joining or donating to GA Solar to support our efforts to make efficient, effective, clean solar energy available to all Georgians.

Comprised of leading experts in solar manufacturing and installation, academia, finance, and the law, GA Solar is leading the effort in Georgia to promote the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy through education, advocacy and industry support.