We are not done fighting for monthly netting!

Dear Georgia Solar Members and Friends,

Last week’s IRP decision from the Georgia Public Service Commission was a mixed bag for the solar industry in Georgia. While we applaud the approval of 2.3 GW of new renewable capacity over the next three years, we are very disappointed in the failure of the Commission to advance an important and overwhelmingly popular policy for rooftop solar in the state. 

On Thursday, July 21, the Georgia Public Service Commission failed to advance a motion to expand the popular “monthly netting” program to 75,000 Georgia Power customers. The motion, put forth by Commissioner Echols and seconded by Commissioner McDonald, failed 3-2. 

We need your support to help Georgia Solar advocate for the expansion of Monthly Netting for all Georgia utility customers. Can you chip in $10 to support solar energy in Georgia?

Expanding this program would have allowed more Georgians to receive fair billing for the solar energy that they generate and supply to the distribution grid. It would have also given crucial support to a rapidly growing industry that employs thousands of Georgians. 

Georgians have spoken clearly, and they want more flexibility to adopt solar energy.  A recent poll found that an overwhelming majority (80%) of Georgians favor expanding the monthly netting program. 

The Georgia Public Service Commission is ignoring the will of Georgia voters and ratepayers by failing to expand this popular and necessary program. 

But we are not done fighting for rooftop solar. The tri-annual Rate Case will be negotiated later this year, and we will have one more opportunity to push for critically important policies that will help solar grow.  We are gearing up for another round, but we need your help.  Can you chip in $10 to our fund today to help us to advocate for solar energy at the rate case?

This will be the last chance we have to pass this important policy until the rate case is negotiated again three years from now.  

Please join us in advocating for solar in Georgia!

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