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The fight for fair and equitable solar policy continues…

This is a pivotal year for solar in Georgia. GA Solar supported several rooftop solar bills during the 2022 legislative session and although none of them made it to the Governor's desk to become law, a lot of progress was made to inform lawmakers about how rooftop solar can benefit Georgia to increase economic development and create high-quality jobs. 

Review 2022 Legislative Session Here

It's also a busy year for solar at the Public Service Commission (PSC) with the 2022 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and Rate Case proceedings. GA Solar will intervene in both proceedings to expand the wildly popular "monthly netting" pilot program that came out of the 2019 IRP, among other things.

In 2019, the PSC added a cap to the monthly netting program just before it was voted on. That cap was reached in June of 2021, some 18 months before the program can be extended via the next Rate Case. This has created a climate of uncertainty in the rooftop solar market in Georgia as a result with many solar contractors reporting reductions in the number of projects by 50% or more. 

GA Solar, along with its local, regional, and national solar policy partners are working tirelessly to expand monthly netting and remove other artificial obstacles that are “blocking the sun" and we need your support. Please donate to support our work and we will continue to update you through our newsletters and webinars as things develop.

It's your sunshine Georgia, harness it with solar PV!!!




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